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Who would've knew work experience was so good? Not me for sure. Waking up on my half term (which I was so desperately looking forward to) every day at 7.30 was not the ideal way to spend my February holiday. Or so I thought. Working on my birthday (which believe me, was better than I expected it to be) allowed me to meet a worker (who will remain unnamed) who was a really fun and down to Earth guy. After telling him that I wanted to become a journalist, he recommend that I start a Blog. He said that this would allow me to practise before actually becoming a journalist and that Blogging would help me see whether I would enjoy a career in journalism. He said that I should pick something interesting which I would enjoy Blogging about. I'll be honest, I didn't exactly jump at the idea of starting a Blog. I really wasn't convinced that this would be worth it.

But here I am, 8 months later, starting a blog about movies and TV shows. I came up with the idea of the name Fresh Bananas based on the play on the arbitrary naming of popular reviews site, Rotten Tomatoes (I guess at this point you can figure that I'm about as funny as a dead beaver). If you do find me funny, then please switch your computer screen off and consult a doctor. 'Please, Zinedine, enough with the abhorrent humour' I hear you say. I'll stop, I promise.

Fresh Bananas is your guide to the most must see and popular shows/movies and books of the moment. Sit back, and enjoy my perspective on the latest must sees and must reads and see if we share common ground. We can even maybe become friends. No? Yup, sure, wouldn't blame you... and there goes my audience.

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